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Our Story


Atwood Hotel

We opened our completely renovated Atwood Hotel in mid 2016. Its modern design, with large rooms and fine amenities, retains a nostalgic reflection of its 1950s beginnings. But we have fulfilled contemporary preferences with plenty of free parking, a delightful swimming pool and Jacuzzi, a convenience store, restaurant, and ideal proximity to many of San Diego's visitor destinations.

Independent hotels, like the Atwood have key advantages over chain properties.

We can more personally focus on what you, our guest, desires. We are not constrained by chain regulations and strategies.
We can be more creative, original, and unique in the facility we provide for you.
You and we both benefit from the absence of overhead costs related to chain revenues and marketing fees.
We have unique knowledge of how to maximize the local experience of our guests.
Our originality consistently rewards us with higher guest review scores.
Thank you very much for considering our independent hotels. My colleagues and I are committed to giving you a uniquely satisfying experience while you are in San Diego.

Nahum Jimenez
General Manager

About Our Mission Valley Hotel